Has this happened to you? You log onto a website to make a purchase and after carefully making your choices, going through each product, selecting the proper size, color, quantity, title, and adding it to your cart, you check out and enter your shipping details and payment information only to have an error page pop up at the end. Now you are faced with the daunting choice on whether to re-enter all of the information again or to find another site which offers similar products.

This frustrating experience is felt by many consumers on a daily basis because of poorly designed websites that do not place user experience as a priority. Once you’ve lost a customer from your site, you’ve lost the ability to sell to them for a while.

RIA-based online shopping catalogs have the advantage of allowing users to stay on one page while they shop, from beginning to end. They can also sift through large data sets with ease, allowing the consumer to fully customize and configure their purchases. These applications also support up-sell and cross-sell options conveniently by detailing products of related groups on the same page without having to constantly submit and re-submit forms. This creates a faster, more satisfying shopping experience ensuring customer retention.