Atrexis System’s Rich Internet Applications (RIA’s) provide the power and flexibility of a desktop application with the depth and connectivity of the Internet. The interface is designed to allow professionals to view information in real time, using user experience technologies in combination with a powerful communications layer for enterprise wide systems. These applications offer a whole new way to view and analyze key corporate information and have strength whether you are using it as an internal tool or a customer-facing layout. Sifting through large volumes of complex data is now faster and more efficient because of the design and presentation of RIA’s.


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Enhanced User Experience through a Rich User Interface

Data Visualization is the area where Rich Internet Applications excel. The graphical user interface of RIA’s are as rich as traditional desktop applications. RIA’s allow companies to create a new class of ad hoc application to present data in dynamic, interactive and intuitive ways. They succeed where traditional web-based interfaces simply cannot and provide the drill down and visualization capabilities necessary for complex deep data.

They enable functionalities such as drag and drop, real time slider, live filtering and fully customizable charting interfaces. Numbers and symbols are replaced with interactive visual elements creating a friendlier GUI for even the most non-technical end user.

Atrexis System’s RIA’s are created with your experiences and needs in mind and can include charting, dashboards, audio and video, all within the application and through the browser interface across any platform.

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The communication later behind Atrexis System’s RIA’s enables a constant connection to your database for real time updates. The ETL process is done in the back end and updates appear instantly through your connected application. Whether it is an internal data entry or a customer signing up a new account with your company, there are no lags or page refreshes between each entry. This significantly decreases the amount of errors seen as well as enhancing the experience of the user by creating a more interactive application.

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Rich Internet Applications do not need to be installed or updated like traditional desktop applications. They are installed and updated instantly when a user navigates to the URL assigned to the application. RIA’s also reduce the bandwidth required to operate since only relevant data is communicated back and forth to the server, unlike HTML pages which require an entire page refresh. Only parts of the page that have been changed are refreshed. This creates a lighter communication load and an increase in performance with a higher responsiveness of the application, creating a more streamlined and efficient operation.

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No matter what platform your user base operates from, an RIA developed using Adobe Flex or Microsoft Silverlight will work on any browser and on any operating system. The benefit of this means that there is no need to develop or purchase separate applications that are created for and target different platforms. Because it is web based, deployment to many is simplified, lowering operational costs as well as bandwidth costs. Need to update your application? No longer will you need to recall all of the laptops and mobile devices in the field or have each individual desktop touched. There is no software sitting on the PC to update, only the application housed in one central server. Deployment is now a breeze and Go-Live dates will rarely be postponed again.


When companies invest in Rich Internet Applications, as with any corporate investment, they are looking for two key value propositions: How can this help me increase revenue and how can this help me lower costs. At Atrexis Systems, we understand that there are different values in different industries. We will work with you to determine which values are most important to your vertical and company and build the best possible application for your needs.