Atrexis Systems provides custom mobile application engineering to corporations who are looking to arm their employees with the power of business, without the constraint of being plugged into one location. From custom dashboards to BI and CRM applications, your business will benefit from the freedom and reach that mobility offers.


Business On the Move

Business today certainly doesn’t stand still. With the innovation and improvements to mobile devices such as cell phones and laptops, technology savvy companies are looking for that key advantage and differentiator in an increasingly competitive global business environment.

More and more professionals and corporations are now able to rely on their always-on, always-accessible features. Field services and sales executives are able to keep their business in real time with instant access to their key people, processes and intelligence.

Customer Client Relationship

Nobody likes to repeat details about their relationship with your company. They expect that you already know – and you should. Sales and services representatives should be able to access the latest information on what has happened with a customer account at anytime, on the fly. That’s where mobility comes into play. With a handheld running a mobile Business Intelligence application, a Account Executive can access their customers CRM and update the record in real-time. Similarly, a service representative in the field can close or escalate a case incident, providing better service to customers and keeping corporate data systems updated as well.

Success for everyone

By keeping field representatives up to date and connected, they can move out of the nine to five mentality and keep things moving outside of conventional business hours. By giving them the means and arming them with the ability to stay on top of each customer, they present themselves as knowledgeable business partners that can bring value to their clients.

Leverage your corporations existing investment in your network of mobile devices by adding to the functionality and in doing so, increasing the value that the device can offer. Mobile devices to keep your employees connected are no longer simply limited to e-mail.


Application software is that which employs the capabilities of a system directly and thoroughly to a task that the end user wishes to perform. They enable the user the power of interactivity between the complex sub text of a computer and the orders that they give out, ensuring that actions are carried out as commanded. Atrexis Systems offers application development for mobile technology in order to aid businesses today, whatever the pain may be.